A downloadable Space Defenders for Windows and Android

Prototype Stage ...sorry if this doesn't work ..I have tried 4 times to make it load

game : Space Defenders


in a galaxy filled with mystery, play as a intergalactic police federation force

known to the public as the space defenders each planet is filled with characters with a dubious past the one question is can you find out who the real villains are and make an alliance towards the good

read up on a planets history before visiting it and explore the surface to find secrets and hints on its inhabitants

Disclaimer .

I did this project on free software over a year ago the software in question only allowed you to make a project you to 10 mb so I apologies if this game is in parts


as a experiment and because am poor I wanted to see what you could make with no money

the cost of this game to make was nothing all assets and sound clips and well as zbrush models were created by me

I also wanted to see if you could replicate the aesthetics of valiant hearts as well as create 3d images on a software that is primarily used for 2d

Install instructions

this was a project that I was working on in a game engine entitled construct 2

instruction to play . download file

un zip and open with construct 2

press play button in the top right on construct to play this project in a browser

I find chrome works better

hope this helped enjoy


space defenders part 1.zip 72 MB
space defenders part 2.zip 29 MB
space defenders part 3.zip 31 MB
space defenders part 4.zip 124 MB